Monday, December 26, 2011

A Year of Firsts: The Holiday Season...First Up, Thanksgiving

Yes...Thanksgiving was over a month ago. Yes...Christmas is over and the remnants of wrapping paper, opened toy boxes, and new gifts are slowly making their way to their new spots in our home.

However, it is now time for all of the hustle and bustle to slow down for a bit and for me to do a little catching up.

First update: Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season with wonderful smells, traditions, and memories to be made. Growing up, my momma and I used to call Thanksgiving our very own "forgotten holiday". Because, it seems, as soon as the jack o'lanterns get put away-the Christmas trees come out (and sometimes not even in that order!).

It is a day with no expectations of giving or receiving. Just pure gratitude. And boy! Did we have plenty of that to soak in this year...

Plenty of food and family around the table...

Newly made uncles...(unfortunately Uncle Gareth was still soaking up the sun in Florida)

New games with Oupa...(but, plenty of attention was given by all grandparents in attendance, what a spoiled girl we have!)

Great grandmas who think baby is the most beautiful thing on this planet! (and baby thinks she is pretty neat too)

To sum it up, we are...

2011 has truly been a year of gratitude and provision. Putting trust in Him to give us what we need in His timing. We are thankful for our sweet and healthy baby girl, the grandmas and grandpas she has, the uncles (both related and those of the friend-kind), and the aunts (the wonderful ladies in our life that love her like she is theirs). There were several moments we could've captured from this day of gratitude- but we hope this glimpse does enough for now.

Make everyday a day of thanksgiving.