Thursday, August 23, 2012


This week, the little bug and I have put in some serious miles. Miles in and out of the car.

The bug and I began logging our miles this week like daddy. With our house still being on the market, I accepted an opportunity to look after a family friend's kiddos a few mornings a week. Hello, to earlier mornings and rush hour traffic. Hello, to sweet faces and new adventures.

The first day I was unsure of what to expect. It has been awhile since I've had to make the morning drive to be somewhere. I felt like I was on edge the whole time as it was stopandgo stopandgo. MC was not quite sure why she had to be in the car for so long after she had just woken up, I'm sure. { I could tell by the grunts and demands from the back. } However, FisherPrice Sing Along CDs have been our saving grace. She loves to sing what she can or clap and move her hands. Add some snacks and some water (Wa Wa) and we're good to go. Then, on the way home she is out like a light in five minutes- tuckered from all of the play and excitement.
If any of you out there are reading this and have had to commute with littles- what are your go -to's?

On some of the mornings, I am lucky to miss the big "rush", and as I returned to the thick of it this morning, I embraced the drive with a new attitude. (Remembering from a month or so ago that I do not want to be controlled by fear) So, a version of this song started playing on the radio...and, I started thinking and praying for the people in the cars around me. The ones that would immediately change lanes without indication, the ones weaving in and out of lanes, the ones leaving a safer than safe distance from the car ahead of them. The patience that I am now realizing that I have more of than most, came through. Peace came over me and I did not think of any of the number of things that could go wrong on a longer commute. I began to wonder about how many of these people I will pass and "travel with" on a frequent basis. Such a crazy thing that you might be next to someone over and over and never meet them.

To you on the road- may you know that you are the Lord's treasure on your drive. He loves you and wants you to feel safe in His arms.

As teachers and students returned to their own journeys this week, it was a bit odd not being with them. There is part of my heart that misses the start of the year and the excitement it brings. I loved organizing, labeling, and planning fun things for the bright and eager faces that would greet me at the start of a new year. I never could sleep the night before the first day.

But, this new gig and journey is pretty awesome. The miles might seem tiring on some days, but the things that we are doing are already creating wonderful memories. I am still getting somewhat of a "teacher fix" by the ways that we are playing and learning each day. Here are a few of our adventures from these first few days together:

Paint with water while little A sleeps.

Our grasshopper home for "Camo" the one we caught today in the backyard. They have an amazing backyard for nature hunts and exploring!

Mr. Camo himself.

I love logging miles for time with these kiddos and am honored that I was asked to do so. Plus, MC loves her new friends. Let the good times roll!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sweet Summertime.

Summertime really is a sweet season. It is truly as sweet as the berries and melons that flourish in the heat it brings.

This has been our second summer with our own little sweetness and it has been a different sort of sweet than the first.

Last summer we were lucky to get outside to run errands and maybe grab an EARLY walk or two during the week. The 100s came in early June and just wouldn't quit. With an infant, those temperatures just don't add up to a lot of time to soak up the rays and do much of anything. There were plenty of naps and short dips in the pool, and perhaps one trip to the zoo.

So- we welcomed this summertime with an opportunity to show it to a toddler with curiosity bursting at her seams. The 100s didn't really come until mid-July this year, and the mornings still offer a decent amount of time for getting out and playing in sand tables, feeding the ducks that go "wuack, wuack" {Quack, Quack in MC speak}, and a few trips to the zoo and splash pad. We routinely hit up the library for story time and the farmer's market {grazing on some of the finds as we hunt for the rest of our goods}.

Our little family is truly blessed that we get to spend most of these summer months together. With two teachers, and now just one, summer is definitely a time for us.

Here are just a few of our sweet memories from the past month as summer slowly begins to wind down...

Sidewalk Chalking

Ever so often she would stop her own doodles and come try and help me with mine.

Who can resist a chalk-dusted diaper bottom?


Birthday Celebrations filled with sweet treats

Happy 3rd, sweet Grace! You're awesome and we love you.

Discovering the dress up drawer.

All chosen by her. Hmm...a fishing bunny that likes to cook and wears ladybug wings for fun?

Pillow Forts and Camp Stories

Showing off the tent to daddy!

A free trip to the Sam Noble Museum to explore with Nana. Sweet!

And, helping in the kitchen to make our own sweet treats...{definitely not one of our Paleo adventures, but like I said- we splurge here and there. ;) }
She was beyond excited to see the cookbook and help dump in the ingredients!

I love her look of concentration just about as much as I love the tufts of hair she finally has in this picture!

And now, it is August. August used to bring up so many emotions; excitement, anxiety, expectation. All brought by the upcoming school year. That time has come for daddy. Time for him to hit the grind and for mama to start her new adventure. It feels odd in some ways not having somewhere to prepare and things to plan, and for this I am humbly grateful. Not everyone gets the opportunity that we are attempting, and I don't want to forget the blessing that it is. My heart is with all of the teachers that are starting and that have already started in the upcoming weeks. Your job is unlike any other- harder than many and more rewarding than most. You are on the front lines of our future, and I hope that you know how valued you are and how important- no matter what some people may think. Your work brings fruit. Just as sweet as those summer berries and melons.

Chocolatetown Chip Cookies 

3/4 c butter
1/2 c granulated sugar
1 c packed brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
2 c all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 c chocolate chips of your choosing {we personally prefer dark chocolate}

Cream the butter, sugars and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add the eggs and beat well. Sift together the flour, baking soda and slat; add to the creamed mixture. Add the chips and blend well. Drop by teaspoonfuls {or more if you like bigger cookies, like we do!} onto a lightly greased baking sheet. Bake at 375 for 8 to 10 minutes.

{Best made with helping hands, especially little ones, like my friend Meg has inspired me to do}

taken from Hershey's 1934 Cookbook, the revised 1971 edition. ;)