Sunday, May 29, 2011

Second Grade Pearls of Wisdom

Teaching elementary school is such a rewarding experience...because children will constantly surprise and amaze you. In my short time away this spring, I didn't realize I missed some of their quirks and "pearls of wisdom" (if you will).

Recently, my 2nd grade class hosted a children's book shower for Mackenzie and me where they bestowed their best advice on being a new mommy.

Here are some of my favorites (complete with their phonetic/inventive spellings :) :

"Allways chane there diapure and allways checke there diepure when they are crying and when they have dry skin rub very oily baby loshun and athoer is to put littel water with baby loshun."

"Hi! Always remember to feed and change the baby. It would really help."

"You suod keep a eye on her. Remeber to maker lafe."

"Make sure you feed the baby...oh, and don't be efrar (afraid)."

"I hope you like the baby. I love the baby."

"Don't forget to feed her. Keep her active, something to do. Get her on a schedldule so you won't have to wake up in the night. Hope you have a great time with her."

"Change her and burp her and put on ear muffs."

"If the baby is cring give her yogert because that oweys ceered (cheered) my brother up."

"The baby will never fully go to sleep. Mackenzie will wake you up."

"Dress Mackenzie up warm in the winter. Burp Mackenzie. Do not be afraid to change poopy dipers."

"Take good care of the baby and wach out because thay poop."

How lucky and blessed they made me feel...I got the gift of laughter, love, and some wonderful treasures for my newest little reader! What a treat!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Clothes, Linens and Diapers...Oh, my!

Helping mama with the laundry

Laundry has taken on a new meaning since the birth of our little one. Everyday is laundry day instead of the usual Saturday or Sunday. There are clothes to be washed from daily wear, spit-ups, or other accidents...there are linens to be washed from baths and sleeping, and then there are the cloth diapers that are washed about every other day...and that is just Mackenzie's belongings. It is only when I am almost out of something or Adam needs something for work that I realize our clothes need to be clean too. ;)
I guess it is time for Mom and Dad's clothes to be washed...

But, this simple yet, daunting task got me is not just Mackenzie's belongings that come first in the wash, she now comes first in our life. Her needs supersede ours, and I don't mind the sacrifice. If she is happy and content- so is my world.
However, this also brings up another point--as parents, we do have to make time for ourselves. And, as the stuff "builds up" we must remember that even though she comes first, we have to put our needs and wants in the mix too, in order to make her the happiest and most loved baby that she can be. Our lives should be balanced examples for our little girl to follow.

So, this week Mommy and Daddy got to go on a double date with our friends the Dokes. There was queso and chicken sandwiches involved, delicious carbonated beverages, and great conversation. To top it off, Adam and I got to take a romantic walk around campus, while just being together... thanks to my mom and Bobby (aka Nana and Papa). It was just that little time that made the week that much better.

And...when we got home, our sleeping princess was snug in her bed with her needs met and the world was just as it should be.

From all of this, here is what I have come away with:

Even when the laundry and little things pile up--remember to not forget yourself. It makes you a better you and the rest will get done, promise. Plus- you will have that much more of you to love on the ones you love to love on!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A year of firsts...This week's episode: Mother's Day

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. - Rajneesh


I have always wanted to be a mother. I can remember as a little girl when my baby brother was born, I told my mother that he was mine--and since then I have been her "Lil Mama". But, little did I know what being a mother truly meant. I thought I knew the type of mother I'd be because of the woman I have grown into, but when Mackenzie was born a new me was born too...and with that, all of the firsts a baby blessing brings.

First cries, hugs, and kisses
Introductions to the world and the people who love us
Diaper changes and spit up recoveries
First grunts, coos, and other sweet noises
Interrupted sleep for reasons other than college demands or our own sickness
An indescribable love like no other
cuddles and play time
Questions and worries that only a new parent knows
Hopes for a lifetime

and then there are those first days you will always remember
a birthday
a milestone
and each special Mother's Day.

The weekend started off with some favorite flowers...

Followed by:

A breakfast of coffee, juice, pancakes, bacon, and eggs by the daddy.

A lunch table set with anticipation of steak and potatoes with china that a grandmother would love.

And more first sweet memories filled with amazing women, who helped me become the woman I am and who will help my little one turn into the woman the Lord wants her to be.
We were made into a Nana, Ouma, and Mama...all because Mackenzie was born.We were made absolutely new, because of the newness she brought with her into this world. The happiest and best Mother's Day gift of all.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Being Bassets. A glimpse into our life.

Being Bassets...

looks like a smile from the one you love.

feels like a kiss or hug just because.

smells like breakfast cooking on a weeknight.

sounds like laughter from daddy's jokes, mama's random thoughts, and baby's new discoveries.

Being Bassets...

is about new adventures, some small some big.

is about figuring out the Lord's plan for our daily lives.

is about us.