Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daily Rhythms and Fall's Beginning.

Life at the Basset house has been a mixture of comings and goings - as mentioned in my last post, we have two cars making the trek up north to Edmond most days of the week now. Our cars are second homes; littered with jackets, toys and books, a cup or two, and plenty of crumbs from eating on the go.

But, we've fallen into a rhythm. The bug knows that on days when Mama comes in to wake her up that she gets to go and see friends. Her sweet version of their names {well, at least one of them} are her wake-up song..."Ashy...Ashy". 

Our commute soundtrack lately has been The Sports Animal on the way there and a little NPR to nap to on the way home. Voices have trumped melodies as the means to a calmer drive. This mama is not complaining. 

 Daily adventures with our buddies have consisted of plenty of hide and seek, 

acorn/stick man making, 

Grat, our acorn friend, and H.
Grat in his Mega Blok bed.

pirating ships and hunting for buried treasure, 

Captain Firebeard
Captain Mac Sparrow

dancing to Star Wars,

 and lots and lots of building with Mega Bloks and Legos.  

And in the midst of it all- we have found ways to usher in our favorite season.  In order to kick it off right, we started with going to daddy's first football game. Mama and baby had nothing to wear that fit- so I had to fix that {and of course this happened the day before}.  Here are the results of my sewing experiment.

And, if you are okay with non-exact sewing and want to attempt this on your own, this is basically what I did. {Sorry there are not pictures for every step- maybe on my next try I will do better at that}

1. Gather an old adult sized t-shirt and a dress that currently fits your little one.

2. Use the dress as a sort of pattern by laying it over the t-shirt and tracing a triangle slightly bigger than the outline of the dress.

3. Cut the two pieces a part from the t-shirt. (Save the t-shirt's bottom hem as a means to tie the top of the dress)

4. Put right sides together and pin. I then used the dress again as a guide to where the armpits would be.

5. Sew triangle pieces together. (You can then add lace ruffles  or other embellishments to the bottom to make it more girly)

6. Cut slits along the neckline to string through the bottom hem that you saved.

7. Hope that it fits and tie it on your sweet girl! 

8. Enjoy supporting your favorite team or daddy- Not a required step, but certainly fit the bill for us.

For me- I just took one of daddy's too big t-shirts and tailored it in for myself. (Just cut the sides to fit  you and sew them back up! However, I learned the hard way that the arms make this just a bit tricky...)

Fall has begun and we are relishing in it already. Homemade Chex Mix smells fill my kitchen- making me miss my daddy, pumpkin flavored things are at the top of our sweets list (even for the Hubs!) and I'm making sweet potato anything any chance I get. 

Another plus side to still being in Norman is still being able to take in the atmosphere of Sooner Football. Yeah, I know we've lost one- but, we still are Sooner Born and Bred in this house.

Happy Fall!