Friday, June 20, 2014


Daddies hold a special place in a girl's heart. They are the first boy they ever love, a provider of protection, laughs, and overall useful knowledge. They teach you the ins and outs of how things work while their daughters {and probably sons for that matter} stretch and extend their patience. They offer a different perspective on strength and humor and they put aside their "manhood" with pleasure as they participate in tea parties and other explorations into princess-hood.

They come in different forms- biological, grandfather, step, teacher, friend, mentor. But, no matter who they are to you- their stern support and realistic outlook {with some room for big dreams!} help keep you balanced.

We got to celebrate some wonderful daddies in our life last weekend. My heart swells that my girls will know what fatherly love is in a healthy and Christ like way- that they are lucky enough to have men {and memories of men} that value fatherhood as active participants in their daily life. I wish this gift for so many. I pray for restoration and healing in those that have been hurt by fatherly relationships, that they know that they are not abandoned- that there is a father out there that loves them, it just may not be in who they originally trusted. I pray for fathers that have been hurt or misunderstood by children- that one day those children will realize the gift that they have been given before it is all but too late. I pray for mothers and fathers that are hurting in their relationships- that their partnerships may be mended or at least put into a safe place of team work once again through forgiveness.

I pray for more happy memories than sad. I pray for more days and moments like the ones below.

Thank you, Lord for daddies. Thank you for the gift that they are and thank you for a special day to celebrate them- a part from the daily.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Musings.

Well, another month has come and gone and with it the promise of summer on the horizon. The beginning of summer vacation is upon us, and as soon as the hubs finishes his stint with the Softball World Series, we will have our little family ready to relax and enjoy the next couple of months ahead before a new school year arrives and along with it our new baby girl. {And speaking of...we are under the 100 day mark. Double-digits people!!!}

25 weeks and some change with Miss Nataly Paige

May 2014 was a whirlwind- busy days and evenings, filled with activities, concerts, and good weather.

Mother's Day
We celebrated mothers around us that we love. Each year as Mother's Day approaches I am reminded of the many mommies and caretakers around us that know what it feels like to mother a child. And, not just to give birth to one, but to sacrifice, love unconditionally, cry and get angry at, laugh with and cuddle, and just overall know how to be there for a child.  I am blessed to know so many inspiring mamas- Mamas of one to four {or more} children, old and young, each one as different as they are wonderful.

Motherhood is unlike anything on this planet- draining and fulfilling, tiring and energizing- basically taking the polar opposites of emotions, putting them together and then filling it in with the gray in between. What a ride. What a gift. What a badge of courage.

Mother's Day itself was filled with relaxing, fellowship, and food with both our church family and our immediate. And, although my daughter is gift enough, I was blessed with the following picture as my Mother's Day gift this year. It is a pencil drawing done from one of my favorite pictures to date of our little curly top. It took my breath away and was done by a freshman student in the hubs' band program. What a beautiful talent to capture the sweet soul of my precious girl.

Days with Friends
May was the last month of this school year that we had multiple little ones over at the house close to 5 days a week. We enjoyed beautiful spring weather, activities in and outside {painting Mother's Day crafts was quite an adventure with 4 littles!} and watching little friendships bloom in the process.  I loved being a witness to it all- even with the challenges it sometimes presented, because let's face it - life with preschoolers/toddlers can sometimes make you feel like you are one part caregiver and one part referee.

Independence and growing up.
In the month of May, I really feel like the Lord switched something in our little bug. Despite some struggles with stuttering that brought worry and anxiety into our lives, she has started showing more and more signs of independence and growing up. The stuttering seems to have subsided for the most part and it appears to have been a developmental phase like we were praying it would be {yet another unexpected curve ball that parenting throws at you}. All the while, she has been showing maturity in her play and help with younger friends- her heart must be preparing her for big sisterhood. She has also started drawing more recognizable pictures, attempting to color in the lines more, telling me she is going to school and showing her personality in her outfit choices everyday.

Drawing mama a flower.

I am lucky enough to have a group of women that I have been friends with since high school {and some of them even longer than that!}. A few of them have moved out of state and we were lucky enough to have one of them come back for a visit in May. It was just what my heart needed. I hadn't seen most of them since the winter time and the west coast one of us in about 2 years. We talked for hours while stuffing ourselves with amazing food {and being flattered with roses} at a local eatery, Whiskey Cake. I love that no matter the distance between our visits, we always manage to pick up where we left off. We have big plans to take a vacation together one of these days  {aiming for a time when none of us are getting married or pregnant..ha!} and I hope it happens. A girl needs strong and lasting friendships in her life- and I am blessed beyond measure with them.

And, that about wraps it up for May. Some other highlights included the end of concert season and beautiful music by the bands that my husband conducts and assists, a road trip to Dallas to shower another expectant Mama, seeing the last of my Jefferson babies graduate elementary school, and just the usual day to day.

Memories and Musings to fill a busy, busy month and now we are ready to see what June has in store for us.