Monday, May 11, 2015

Motherhood: A Messy Celebration

It is a good thing that Mother's Day does not depend upon the perfect brunch out...because needless to say, our experience wasn't. After forgotten dishes, replacements, a mimosa with no champagne {?!?!?!} and a few other mishaps, it did become quite comical. But, as my lovely mother in law said "I didn't have to cook it or clean it, so I'm good." {Plus the company, paired with the half off check in the end, wasn't half bad either ;) }

And, I couldn't agree more. {It doesn't take much to make this mama feel special.}

I use this not only to remember and laugh about our eventful celebration, but as a jumping off point. Because, much like a meal gone awry, motherhood can sometimes feel the same. All of the ingredients are there for a perfect and picturesque story to play out, but sometimes it just doesn't.

you forget something that might seem little and it turns out to be something big to someone.

you run out of someone's favorite thing and you have to find something less desirable to make do.

one thing sets off the domino effect and it all comes crashing down around you.

a little bit of stern criticism goes a long way {as does a bit of understanding and kindness}.

admitting your mistakes and being accountable for them is the real apology.

you just need extra dessert.

No matter the journey, the end result is what is most important. You want your kids to be cared for, to not go hungry, to experience mistakes and failures, to laugh and learn despite the frustrations.
You want them to see past the mess and see the beauty and the service that goes into family and life. You want them to know that one event does not define who they are or who you are to them.

So, I've said it once and I will say it again here {with a few edits}...Mothers everywhere and every kind- you are awesome! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise (especially yourself). 
To those who are hurting because of the scars of motherhood or wanted motherhood, we hurt with you. Your pain is ours in this sisterhood of mothering. I hope you find some bits of peace and love.
And, to all of the wonderful mothers who have and continue to directly impact me daily, I love you. You helped create the mother I am and hope to be and I am eternally grateful for every bit of it.

Mommy and me.

My, my father's mother and me

Grandmother Layton, my mother's mother and me

Great, my great grandmother and father's grandmother{and namesake} and me
Fast forward a few years to the daily...

And of course, thanks to my own 2 little munchkins, who because of them, I am a mother. You are pieces of my heart walking on the outside.