Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year...

Thank you, 2011, for all of the wonderful blessings you brought us- some were in obvious form and others were hidden in struggle or frustration.

I will always remember this past year as truly a year of provision from the Lord. A year that taught us the act of receiving--which is sometimes just as hard to learn as giving.

Highlights of 2011:
-Sweet Mackenzie Claire and all of her milestones, smiles, giggles, and well...everything she is.
- A new job for Adam
-A safe and caring place for sweet MC to stay while we teach
-Surviving parenthood/workinghood
-Learning the ways of cloth diapers and attempts at making baby food
-Family bonds changing, forming, growing
- Precious babies born to other dear friends
- Growth in our identity in the Lord
- News of health and healing, debts being paid
-Engagements and weddings, new chapters being started
- Benevolent gifts that came at just the right time

However, before we could usher in 2012-- Mama and Daddy had to celebrate in style. A bit of class, if you will.

After baby was tucked in, and Nana and Papa came to stay-- the party dress and heels came out and a suit was donned.

Then it was off to the classiest of places- IHOP. I know, probably not quite what you were thinking, but it suits our friend group just fine. We didn't quite know what to do with ourselves at first without the babe in tow, but we soon fell into our rhythm.

After our fine feast it was off to play games an unwind at our friend Joel's house.
Champagne punch, some fine cheese, The Game of Things, candid photo sessions, and a post-midnight dance party rounded out the evening.

And, when it was all said in done- we got to come home and whisper Happy New Year to our sweet little bug as she slept peacefully in her crib. A perfect start to 2012.

Stay classy in 2012, folks, and may you be blessed where you need it the most this year...

A Year of Firsts: Christmas Joys

Everything about Christmas gives me a good case of the joys. From putting up the tree and lights, to the sounds of carols and laughter, all the way down to the very last crumbs of the holiday baked goodies- the joys well up inside of me trying to spill out.

The nutcrackers come out and stand guard over all of the splendor...

Treasures from Christmases past -

a reminder of a grandpa looking down on us...

these are some pieces of joy that have followed me from Christmas to Christmas.

However, joy came in a different form this year. In the form of an almost 10 month old baby girl- whose baby blues give me a whole new sense of happiness. (and that joy begins to spill out just a little...)

There was a pretty little dress, a visit to Santa, and attempts at opening up new packages.There was time spent with all of our family in one place -and little hands and feet crawling to explore every inch of that place. With every little smile and clap- I could've sworn she had some understanding of the magic of the season. I know that with each year that understanding will grow, that traditions will begin to mold her childhood, and her belief in the true spirit of this time of year will take root. And, I cannot wait to have a front row seat to it all.

With all of this being said- here are some of our favorite moments caught on film that I'm sure will leave you brimming with a last taste of those Christmas joys from 2011.

We hope you had a very happy Christmas and we hope that you have an even happier 2012!