Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet Summertime.


Most summers are a slower pace from the rest of the year. As the heat sets in, so does a sense of laziness that is both needed and perfectly acceptable.

This summer hasn't been as slow as some - we've moved into our new house {more on that later} and have been quite busy turning it into a home. We've celebrated the daddies in our lives and a birthday  {my twenties are quickly slipping away}. We've watched friends get married and met a few new little faces. We've welcomed family from South Africa and bid them adieu. And, we've been trying to get into a rhythm in our new community.

July 4th is on the horizon- marking what some of us on the academic calendar feel as the halfway point of summer vacation. But, before we head on towards the downhill slope here are some bits and pieces of the sweets of our summer thus far.

Most of our moving crew {minus our fabulous cleaning mamas}

Below is the card that MC helped create for the special guy in our life this year. Her answers cracked me up! Another great thing about this was seeing that other friends had done the same with their little ones and how some of their answers matched up- I love how most of the 2 year olds think that their daddy is also 2. Pretty precious stuff.

First movie in the big theater - Monsters University for Mommy's birthday.

Showing cousin Jordan {from South Africa} the bears at the zoo. 

Traditional zoo pic with daddy. 

Working in the raised beds we inherited at our house.


Sweet summertime....please hang around a bit longer. We love having you {and daddy} around!