Monday, May 5, 2014

Finding Perfection in the Imperfection: Easter 2014

The past few weeks have been a mixture of perfect moments in otherwise imperfect situations. Sounds about right for life, huh?

Our Easter Celebrations kicked off on the Wednesday before  with the tradition of dying Easter eggs. MC was a little confused at the idea of "dying" eggs, but once she learned that it meant coloring and not making the eggs "die" we were all good. Dying Easter eggs can go in so many directions with little ones- no matter how prepared you think you are for what might come your way with colored dye. This year I found a dying kit with baggies and so the mess was pretty contained- no cups, no dunking and cracking, etc...just threw down some newspaper, got our supplies, and went for it.

My family joined us for the fun. My mom and I love traditions {and our family had a lot growing up}, so it was nice to share it with them.

Then, we come to Easter weekend- Saturday morning was great. We went to Ouma's egg hunt where little miss wanted nothing to do with any eggs that weren't pink or purple. It was pretty humorous and shows that strong will/spirit that she has in her heart.

MC was a little shy around the Easter bunny this year, not terrified, just bashful. And although we didn't get a "perfect" picture, it didn't matter. We captured little bits of the timid side of her personality that I will want to remember in my heart some day. Little expressions that come across her face as she is taking in a situation.

Later that afternoon, I got a surprise nap on my lap from the little bug and I felt like she was starting to get warm. Turns out she had started running a fever. It got as high as a little above 103 so Easter Sunday was spent at Urgent Care instead of at church and with family. Social media was plastered with pictures of families in their Sunday best wishing Happy Easter, spending time with family and friends, and ours was spent in comfies {and new Easter shoes}- reading about Jesus in bed and savoring our little Easter treats and a special lunch from Braum's.

 And, even though we weren't among the masses celebrating in the traditional sense, we still got to experience what the holiday was all about. About a perfect man, Jesus, loving us through our imperfections-sickness, grumpiness, or whatever the case may be. Reassuring us that Easter is more than just a day, it is a promise for a lifetime. The reminder that there is perfect in otherwise imperfect situations.