Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Very Happy Buggy Birthday...

As most of you who read this know, our sweet daughter is our lil bug. It started out as Boog when she was in my womb, which came from Boogs, what my daddy called me. One day I said, "I love you Kenzie Bug" and the name stuck like glue.

To commemorate and honor her sweet namesake, I decided upon a Very Hungry Caterpillar/Ladybug theme for her 1st birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest and a few years as an elementary school teacher - here is the end result and some snapshots of the memories we made as we celebrated our little bug.

First, there were the decorations, little touches of bugs were everywhere we could put them. The flower banner was made by some friends for one of my baby showers and the construction paper bugs were made by my terrific 3rd graders (who were beyond honored to make things for MC's birthday). They love her so much that I kept getting little paper gifts for her the whole afternoon we made them. (The pinwheels and other details you see in other pictures are bits and pieces from my past and Hobby Lobby this year.)

Then, there was the food- picked directly from the book for guests to munch through like the caterpillar himself. (plus a few little extras- if you follow me on Pinterest you can find the recipe for the tomato/olive ladybugs). The food label cards were made by my wonderful husband scanning the book directly and printing them out for us to use. We cut out holes in the food using a strawberry huller.

Thanks to Papa for the food-coloring gel dots and to Nana for last minute food prep! They surprised us, and boy was I happy with their early arrival!

Then, there were the friends, family, and festivities. Our little bug was quite the busy bee playing hostess to all of her friends, both child and adult. She laughed, shared, and played to her hearts content. We took pauses to open up presents and to get to the sweet treat...

The cake. So, I had this idea to look up a reduced sugar, "more baby friendly" cake and icing recipe for her first big experience. Whether it was the pressure of so many people staring, the gooeyness of the icing, or the fact that she might not have liked it---the cake was not the most successful part of the evening.

Excited at first glance...

Then, not so sure after she finally tasted it with mommy's help.

I think she liked the one at the chili cook-off on her actual birthday better...perhaps she has inherited her father's sweet tooth after all. These pics might just prove it:

Happy Buggy Birthday, love.

The Mackenzie Bug is ONE!

Wow, what a sweet year it has been. The bug is one and we have been parents for a year. It feels like it has passed in a blink of an eye, but at the same time, it feels like I have been her mother for as long as I can remember.
(I will post some party pictures later, but for now, I wanted to just celebrate her.)

Wasn't it just yesterday that she was entering our world and placed into my arms with her sweet cry and tiny, not even 6 lb self? Talk about a miracle. To watch her this past year grow into the wonderful and loving baby that she is, has been a complete joy. There have been moments when we have not known what to do, worried about what comes next, but in the midst of it all- she has been the most even-tempered baby I have ever known.

Her personality is already one of hospitality. Her love for people shines through as she hands over everything from toys to food in her own sweet way of sharing.

She already has a loving heart. She cuddles and snuggles with the friendly faces in our lives. Her smile makes them smile.

Her musical ability is starting to creep through. She loves to bang on drums, shake anything that makes noise, and dances to the beat of all of the songs her toys play. She comes as fast as she can to the sound of daddy's guitar playing.

She has a voice all her own. Whether happy or sad, she makes her opinions and wants well known.

Little bug, dearest MC...our heart swells with each day. We can't wait to see what you become with each birthday.

Celebrating the Guy in our life :)

Here's another flashback...

February 7 is the main guy in our life's big day. We love any chance to show him love, but the day started out with a different kind of showing...

Adam went into MC's room a smidge early to say good-bye before heading off to school. The next thing I know, he is in our room telling me, "Hon, it smells like throw up in her room." In response, I rush past him and am engulfed by the smell as I walk into our precious girl's nursery.

There she was, just sleeping away in peace like nothing had happened. Thoughts were rushing in my head mixed with questions like, "Why did I not hear her when she threw up? How long has she been sleeping in it?". I was just so thankful she hadn't choked in her sleep.

As I reached into her crib to peel off her clothes gently, my nerves and gag reflex were definitely tested as my hands tried to get her out of her mess as quickly as possible without startling her out of her sleep.

The next 20 minutes or so were a blur. Stripped down baby went into the warm tub, stripped bedding went into the wash, daddy called in and arranged for his absence, and mama prepped for a day of leaving for work. Needless to say, it wasn't quite the birthday greeting we were expecting- but, daddy got to spend the day with his princess, so it was definitely worth it in the end.

That weekend, after baby had recovered enough for us to celebrate, we had a blast with our college group of friends. It was a celebration of our friend Lindsey's birthday too- and we had a wonderful time! Bowling shoes, funny nicknames, and greasy pizza made for some good laughter and special memories.

Homemade and not-so-homemade desserts rounded out the evening at the Valentas home. We are so lucky to have such great friends to share our special days with each year.

Adam, Hubs, Daddy...we love you so much and look forward to all of the birthdays to come. Your rhythm keeps us going.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter Wrap-Up

As the rain pours at Spring's beginning, it offers a perfect chance for catching up.

Today we got to catch up on sleep as the little bug came in after her morning nursing and cuddled up with us for 2 more hours. We got to catch up on the sense of laziness and play, and we loved the feeling of having to do absolutely nothing.

Today also offers a chance to catch up on the other parts of our life. A time for me to touch base with this world, as the real one has kept us quite busy.

This post will be a snap shot of what the winter was like for us from winter break to now- a wrap up since Spring is definitely roaring in like a lion today.

There were winter birthdays to celebrate- for the young and the "not-as-young"...

Sweet Finley
& Avery

Nana & My

A mild winter brought with it opportunities to swing and go for family walks...

Chances to be silly with daddy...

and a milestone achieved here and there... like taking first steps. (Although, her favorite mode of transportation right now seems to be her infamous knee-walking)

What a wonderful winter it has been!