Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Art of the City.

With our new church being located in downtown OKC we have started falling in love with it all over again. In the past two weeks, we have been able to enjoy some of what makes OKC great- beautiful art and local events that are FREE and fun for everyone.

Over Labor Day weekend we got to experience Wiggle Out Loud. An event geared towards families with little ones- filled with kid-friendly live music, activities, food trucks and plenty of opportunity to dance and well, wiggle out loud. The Bug loved it all.

Yes, it was humid- but most of that damp hair is thanks to the splash and play fountains.

This weekend was the Family Free day at the OKC Museum of Art. We went when they offered it last year and it was too much fun not to come back. Once again, downtown OKC delivered with free activities and hands on art to enjoy and explore.

The HALO puppet installation that is there through Oct.
You can move the floor to ceiling pieces of art on your own!

This purple giraffe MADE the trip for her.

The event was sponsored by Sonic, hence these next few pics of us with Mr. Coney. My cousin works for Sonic HQ, so we got an up close and personal visit with him. ;) Daddy was content to play photographer.

What a wonderful time- in the art of the city. Until next time...


Even though Labor Day was this past week, summer ended a few months ago around here. The end of July brought the beginning of daddy's return to work and settling into our back to school schedule. Lately around these parts we have worked a little and played a little, soaking up the last of the warm {aka HOT} summer like days.

Going "under" is one of the bug's favorite games right now.

Playgrounds are fun for mommies and daddies too!

With August came a chance to play with a new friend on most weekdays. She is a sweet new presence in our house and we are learning a lot about sharing our space with another little one. 

Each new day holds something new. Lessons to be learned, words to be said, patience and limits to test. This is our life lately with a toddler who is figuring out the world while exercising her voice and will. Each day she is moving further and further away from babyhood and closer and closer to the young lady that she will become. It is bittersweet, exciting, and difficult all at the same time.

This is our lately- our inconsistent consistence. Molding and pushing each other in different ways. Laughter and frustration and all of the beauty {or messiness} in between.