Friday, March 15, 2013

A Hint of the Spring to Come...

Today was absolutely gorgeous. We soaked up a lot of sun, some sweet animals, some smiles with family, and Daddy and I played impromptu photographers....he started it.

At the zoo for Ouma's class field trip:

We loved seeing the new mama and her baby gorilla
at the zoo!

Just hanging out:
She definitely tells you what she wants and means it.

Love these glimpses into what the Spring has in store for us...just around the corner!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A little Chuck E Cheese to celebrate...nothing fancy.

With the transition of our move this year we decided to keep MC's birthday celebration pretty low key.

To start the day we had some favorites for breakfast, lunch with daddy, and did mani/pedis after a morning bath...

Maybe a bigger party will be in the works for other years- but for this year- some pizza, a high five from Chuck E Cheese, and endless buttons to push with family and a few friends were just the right size.The Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes didn't hurt either. {After all, she had been requesting cake since she woke up and we said it was her birthday.}

These were cookies and cream cupcakes. To make them you basically take your favorite white cake recipe {or you could even use a mix}, and add crumbled up Oreo's to the batter. However, the best part is that there is one half of an Oreo on the bottom of the cupcake that acts as somewhat of a crust. Definitely making them again.

I think the toddlers approved too.

Besides the cupcakes- these were the homemade parts of her birthday this year...
MC's life verse painted on wooden letters to add some new decor to her room.

The 2 was sewn on with leftover fabric I already had onto a shirt we bought for $1.99. I used some iron on adhesive to help it stay put while I sewed it on. The buttons were added because when I originally tried a zig zag stitch {which my machine hates} it snagged part of the shirt a bit. However, the mishap made the shirt cuter, in my opinion anyway. This project happened thanks to the hubs because I didn't like any of the numbers you could buy and just iron on. He then said...why don't you just use some fabric and sew one? Duh.

Our nothin' fancy turned out to be pretty special.

The Bug is Two!

March 6, 2011

March 6, 2012

March 6, 2013

My, oh my, how she has grown and changed over the past two years! From a sleeping,nursing, cuddly newborn to a loving, spirited and playful toddler {who is still pretty cuddly- lucky me!}.

MC loves...
- playing and loving with her family and friends. Everybody {or bodies as she says} gets love.
- Elmo and Ellen.
 - baby dolls. Playing, feeding, changing, dancing, loving, and putting night night. Actually anything with them really.
- talking and singing. Her favorite tune is "Twinkle, Twinkle" and many songs are set to it.
-being read to and reading books.
-water {"wah-wah"}, cheese and fruit. And sometimes, a little chocolate. ;)
-pizza, mac and cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes.
-kisses and hugs.
-waking up early.

MC doesn't love...
-most green foods.
-having her hands dirty.
-having to come inside from playing outside.

This pic was taken at the pediatrician's office for her 2 year visit. She is so brave- no tears for the shots or anything. She was only a bit afraid of the weighing scales. 

Other notable stats about our 2 year old:
- Weight and height are both about 83%. Pretty close to symmetrical is what the doctor said. ;) I am guessing she is going to have some height like daddy, because I was nowhere near 83% for anything on those charts.

She is smart. {But, of course, I am biased}
She can recognize close to every letter of the alphabet and recognizes numbers 1-9.
She knows most to all of her body parts and knows some shapes--even octagon?!?!
Everyday she puts together a new sentence or knows how to do something I didn't know she could. {And I spend most of everyday with her!}

She is compassionate and observant. She is concerned when people are sad, kisses boo boos, and cradles her toys. She touches people gently {most of the time} and pets too. She loves being around and near people.  I really feel like the Lord is shaping her into a young girl with a heart for those left wanting and hurting.

She is a performer. She loves to dance, sing, play music, and talk to anyone that will listen. Although she might have to warm up to you a little first.

Our dearest MC- You fill our hearts with joy! I am so honored to be your mama. Each day is a new adventure as we learn from one another. And although we might not always be happy with another, know that we will always love you. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sewn with Love.

My mom made me take a sewing class in middle school telling me that I would use it someday. I reluctantly agreed and made it through, despite the frustrations along the way.

It interested me by the time the class was over, but with no sewing machine, I didn't pick it up again until college. A few of my sorority sisters worked at a place called Suzy's on campus corner. The shop's specialities were appliqué, embroidery, and other sewing necessities made and sold for campus groups and your everyday person. With flexible hours, a friendly family, and the opportunity to sit and talk with friends while I worked, I jumped at the chance. {Not to mention that I was like most college students, broke.}

Since then I have developed a love for sewing that I never thought I'd have all those years ago. So, once again, thanks Mom! You were right. ;)

When I left my job last year to be a full time mommy I was hoping that I would get a chance to do more sewing and crafting. It gives me a chance to put a little bit of the love and care I have for a person into something special. Plus, I love the chance to be creative with a usable end result. Not to mention it tends to be pretty cost effective- another plus.

Now that the holidays and other recent celebrations are over, I can share some of my most recent works of heart {pardon the cheesy pun}. I like to think that they are sew cute. This time, pun intended. {By the way, if I ever sell anything I make, I am definitely calling my business that. So, dibs to anyone out there thinking it.}

Most of what I make is from tutorials online {aka Pinterest}, but I do try to think up a few things here and there.

I tried to make as many Christmas gifts as I could think up this past year. They included: a camera strap for my mother in law, a scarf and tablet cover for my mom, fleece bags of rice for sore muscles and sinuses {not pictured}, and a car garbage bag for the hubs {requested by him, ha!}.

Camera strap tutorial here. Fits most Nikon or Canon straps.

For the Nexus 7 cover I just modified a Kindle book-style cover from the tutorial at One Pearl Button.

For the OU scarf I just printed a template for the logo and
 added some pre-made flowers along with a homemade one.
I then sewed them both to a store bought scarf to bump it up a notch.

Car trash bag tutorial at A Ditchin' Time Quilts.

However, the most fun projects recently have been baby shoes. I can't wait to see some sweet feet in these little slip-ons. I wish I could take credit for the pattern, but it was a gem of a find here.

For Jovie, October 2012.

For Paxton, coming March 2013.

For Amberly Grace, coming March 2013.

For Eloise Marie, coming late March or April 2013. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Goodbye 2913 Rockingham. See you soon, Norman!

Goodbyes have never been easy for me. I can remember times when I was little tearing up at the airport when we would drop my daddy off for a short business trip, tearing up on the phone when he would call while he was away, choking up when going to summer camp and smelling my mama's perfume on my pillow- reminding me of home. Sometimes I would even have to keep it together for short weekend stays.

Let's just say it hasn't gotten a whole lot easier as I've grown up. Goodbyes have come in many forms - saying goodbye to school friends or teachers for the summer, family members and pets that have gone before us, friends and family leaving for trips and moving to different towns or states.

Speaking of the goodbyes when it comes to moving- our turn came this past weekend. 

The last full week in our home was filled with emotions of all kinds. Happiness- to finally have our time come. Stress- at packing up those last few pesky things that seemed to keep multiplying. Fun- activities with friends and funny little moments living in the remnants of our things not in storage. Bittersweet- saying goodbye to an everyday filled with a community of friends that are really more like our second family. Excited- to build new memories and bonds with people we used to not see as often, finding a new home and community, rediscovering parts of the day that were lost in a long commute.

Goodbye 2913 Rockingham. You've been good to us. 
See you soon, Norman- you were even better to us.

When we were first moving into 2913...

A glimpse of the wallpaper we inherited...

A few {or more} memories in between...
One of many game nights- this one was around Halloween, but definitely shows our true personalities.

One of Boston's favorite spots, in a room post wallpaper.

Preparing and carving our first turkey at our first hosted Thanksgiving.

Boston got to have a few friends over too.

Christmas blizzard and getting snowed in with my brother.

Waiting on baby....

Bringing home baby...

Loving on baby...

And  saying our goodbye...

Although not at our physical home- we said goodbye to a wonderful church community this past weekend. It has been an honor and a privilege to be strengthened, challenged, and uplifted by them. It has been a joy to do life with them and the bonds we share will carry with us for a lifetime plus.

And on to the next adventure. We are ready for you.