Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Days. Winter Daze.

The beginning of 2014 brought the brutal winter of 2013 along with it.

With the exception of a few glorious days of 60s to almost 70s, we have spent most of our days since the new year began inside or out and about doing inside activities. The Science Museum and library are two of our favorite hang outs this time of year and we are just itching for a chance to get out and enjoy the park and zoo regularly again. 

However, there is something about winter. There is a certain quietness to it that summer and spring don't quite have. The smells of fireplaces and comfort foods are wonderful and they warm up your senses all the way down to your toes.

And then there's the snow. The snow this year is making up for the lack thereof from last year's mild season. And with it, we've had time to cozy up, enjoy a few extra days with daddy, and come up with ways to keep our time inside as interesting as possible. And, let's face it- sometimes that is hard to do with a little one who starts to get cabin fever about the time you do too {or in some cases sooner}. And, when that sets in it starts to feel more like a daze than a passing of days.

Laundry baskets are always fun.


Colored vinegar and baking soda. We had so much fun with this! The enjoyment lasted for close to an hour or so.

"I want to write the alphabet!"

Snow play inside on days the wind chill has been just too cold and not enough snow to make it worth it to go outside.

Science museum fun with the Grigor girls. We love any chance to get to see and play with this group!

Spring will be here before we know it, but as long as winter is here- we best make the most of it!