Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Bug is Three!

March 6,  2011

March 6, 2012

March 6, 2013

March 6, 2014

Three years. How did we get here so quickly? There are days when it feels like she was just a tiny newborn not too long ago and days that feel like being her mama is all I have ever known. Either way- I wouldn't trade this adventure and the lively and loving girl that came with it. 

MC loves...
-playing with friends and spending time with family. She is definitely a people person.
- music and singing along to the songs she knows. {Although, try and catch her and she gets shy! She only "performs" when in the mood.}
- wearing dresses or skirts, jewelry, headbands- basically anything "girly"
- Frozen, shows on PBS {Curious George, Peg + Cat, The Cat in the Hat, etc..} and most Pixar/Disney movies that we own.
-playing outside and taking her Boston dog for a walk
- playing dress up, loving on dolls, putting toys in bags and taking them with us whenever we go out
-gathering and playing with rocks, marbles, and other small objects
-painting, reading books, playing with play doh
- going places- whether it is out to eat, the library, the store, or some other adventure, she is up for it!
-{luckily} a lot of different foods. She even told the doctor her favorite is carrots because they're crunchy! Cheese still ranks fairly high though. {Mama's girl!} And, the girl loves her chocolate. {definitely some Daddy there!}
-playing in her sandbox or with water
- her recent discovery of being able to chew gum

MC doesn't love...
- us picking out her clothes most of the time. She would much rather do it herself.
- most green veggies still (maybe because they are cooked)- however, she loves kale/spinach in quiche and cucumbers and is starting to like avocado and celery. And, we can usually get her to at least try what is served {after a small battle at times..}
-when she can't be as independent as she wants to be.

Other notable stats about our 3 year old:

She is about 90% in height and weight for her age. So, still looking like she will follow a bit in her daddy's footsteps in that area.

She has a memory like an elephant. She recalls things that surprise me all of the time from months ago and reminds me sometimes of things when I forget...which is becoming more and more frequent...{thanks preggo brain ;) }

She can draw circles and lines and loves to trace letters of the alphabet.
She uses words like probably and actually on a regular basis. She cracks me up -3 going on 30.
She likes to count and sort things by color.

She is still as compassionate and observant as ever - especially of people. She sometimes enjoys watching the people at the zoo more than the animals. And, she loves to look around wherever we are and watch what other people are doing. She sometimes asks us... and sometimes that is interesting trying to explain what is okay and not okay to ask loudly about people in public. ;)  She loves talking and asking people their name and if we run into someone with a doggie- she always wants to ask to pet it.

She is a mother hen already. She loves caring and loving on little ones, the Lord is already molding her heart into that of a truly special big sister.

Our dearest MC- you make every day an adventure! You are full of spirit and love, wearing your heart on your sleeve. You are passionate and full of spunk, keeping things interesting around here. We are so lucky that God chose us to be your parents. We will love you always- no matter what comes our way.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Lately we've been having a lot of celebrations. A new baby on the way, birthdays, a surprise snow here and there mixed between days that make it to the 60s or 70s, and I like it {okay, maybe I am starting to get over the snow, but other than that...}.

In early January we found out that we are expecting Baby Basset #2 - headed our way on approximately September 9, 2014. It was a pretty fun 24 hours when we found out- the Sooners had won the Sugar Bowl against Alabama the night before and then the next morning we saw those two confirming pink lines. {Adam thinks it ranks pretty high up on his list of the best 24 hours ever, and I would have to agree.} We are blessed by the Lord's timing and cannot wait to see what this new little one holds for our family. MC is dead set on it being a sister, so we will see what happens when we know for sure what Baby B is in April. Either way- we know that this little one will grow our hearts in ways we never thought possible.  

February brought some snow and more cold, and some unexpected days off with daddy. It worked out wonderfully because we got to spend his actual birthday with him. He commemorated the day by breaking in his new pancake griddle and Star Wars pancake molds and I baked the usual chocolate cake. The roads had even cleared enough for us to make the trip down to Norman for the traditional birthday dinner at the Greek House {we have been going there for his birthday every year since college, including the night we got engaged, and we didn't want moving to Edmond to stop it.} What an absolutely perfect day and a great way to celebrate and love on the man we hold so dear. 

The end of February brought more celebrating with friends. We went to Kaisers in midtown OKC for burgers and old fashioned ice cream drinks and had the place all to ourselves. We were able to joke and laugh without worry of being too loud and the wait staff were our own personal bouncers. It was pretty awesome. We ended the night with a hilarious round of the 5-second Rule {where you try to name three things in a given category in 5 seconds or less} and some more delicious dessert. Laughter and friendship were such a wonderful way to end the month. 

And, here we are already to March. This past weekend we got to celebrate yet again. Our little bug {who is not so little anymore...} turned 3 this past week. Like most things, she knew exactly what she wanted. A Frozen Birthday Party- and mama and daddy tried our best to deliver. The weather even cooperated by being well, pretty Frozen. {minus the freezing precipitation, thank goodness}. So, thanks to Pinterest and my inner elementary school teacher self and my husband's amazing cleaning/decorating skills, we pulled it off with a house full of people that love our daughter well. Our hearts were full of gratitude as we saw people come in to our home to celebrate our precious girl. She was in heaven surrounded by friends and family to talk with and play with, all sharing in her day.

The treats: Snowballs {marshmallows}, Snowflake sugar cookies, twigs {pretzels}, Sven's Favorite treats {carrots},
Lemon Ice Candy {you know what they say about yellow snow...}, and snow covered mountains and the North
Mountain {cupcakes and cake}

We even got to borrow the popcorn machine from Ouma's
school to make fresh snow {popcorn}.

Sharing a book with Uncle Darin in her new dress she just had to put on. :)

Pin the carrot nose on Olaf....we only had a few kiddos try it out, but it was fun to have nonetheless.

What a whirlwind! Thankful to have reasons to celebrate not just lately, but everyday.