Thursday, January 29, 2015

December Dreams.

December was a bit of a whirlwind...the usual holiday concerts and festivities, mixing in our Anniversary and Christmas.

Each year with kids I am more and more excited to experience it through their eyes- the lights, the magic, the mystery behind it all. Trying to find a balance between the overload of things and trying to rest in the season's true meaning, its ultimate gift. It may be January, but Christmas is still being talked about in our house- the gifts, when it will happen again, and thanking baby Jesus.

I love reliving old traditions and making our own as a family. Memories living on in the next generation; parts of my heart walking outside of my body all over again.

Decking the halls.
Black Friday may be one of the biggest shopping days of the year for most, {and we sometimes venture out when we are up and about} but the Friday after Thanksgiving in our home is usually reserved for bringing out Christmas. Daddy gets the honor of putting the angel atop the tree and little hands hang ornaments close together on the bottom branches.

Downtown in December.
This was the first year that we ventured to downtown OKC to participate in their Saturday festivities. We went on the 20th, our anniversary, and relished in all of the {free} holiday arts, crafts, sights and sounds. Bonus? Anna and Elsa were there with some vocal entertainment...Oh, and Sven made an appearance too:

Giant ornaments outside the Devon Tower

Cutest little peek a boo Rudolph I"ve ever seen. 

Our very own "Olaf"

I spy Daddy.

There is a story behind this picture- turns out you have to take a number to take a picture with Santa and they were all full for the day- rookie mistake. However, we got this pic with Mrs. Claus instead, and this was as close as I could get MC to her. So, sorry big guy, maybe another year. No tears for you.

These two. I love watching their relationship change and grow more and more...especially since Mommy is a bit preoccupied lately with sister.

Christmas has come.

"The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world." John 1:9

We spent Christmas Eve preparing our hearts for the excitement ahead. Each year we attempt to practice Advent- the month of preparation, and some nights are better than others at it with two littles. The next story/verses of our countdown might not always get read every night, and I might not light the next candle every Sunday before, but I hope she is starting to get it. I hope that the simplicity and reason don't ever get lost in the excess of everything this season can bring. I want her to pick through it all and to find out the real reason behind the gifts. The real reason behind the magic. The real reason it is okay to have fun and believe in fairy tales. 


Because He came, we get to celebrate. We get to enjoy giving and receiving. We get to enjoy traditions. We get to enjoy life. So, here is a peek into that celebration. The fun and magic. The fairy tales. 

Christmas Eve traditional jammies. Little bird's were sister's first Christmas ones too.

and Making Memories.


A side note about this picture:
This angel is another honor of Daddy's - it is on his parents' tree,
made by his sweet 3 year old self.

A very Happy Christmas indeed. May the laughter and joy carry us through all year long.

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