Saturday, January 17, 2015


The last of the Christmas decorations got put away at the beginning of January. It never fails, you pack up and do a final look around and something still gets left behind. Most of the time it is the stocking and candy cane kitchen mat in front of the oven, and it was the culprit yet again this year.

But, before I talk about Christmas {in another post might I add}, let us rewind to my favorite holiday...Thanksgiving, or T-giving as the hubs likes to call it in his own good humored way. As is tradition, we hosted it at our humble abode. It is something I felt that we could still do, despite having an almost 3 month old and a 3 1/2 year old around--especially since it wasn't my first rodeo. Each year that we host I get better and better at the timing {which is the most important foundation for having a successful meal like this, in my opinion anyway}. There are certain things that I've learned to prep the night before: the table, toasting bread cubes and chopping veggies for stuffing, and the cranberry sauce. Basically anything that can keep for a bit gets done, so I don't have to be as tied to the kitchen on the big day while making sure that the turkey gets enough time in the hot box.

The napkin rings were a crafting project with MC 2 Thanksgivings ago, and they are still my favorite thing about our table on this day.

This year I tried out a 23 pounder. our biggest to date, because we never seem to have enough leftovers and the hubs wanted to change that. So, we went as big as we thought we could go and weren't disappointed- plenty to eat and share afterwards.

Not the prettiest pictures- but there's just something about the prep and care of the bird.

Another one of my favorite details this year was two little headbands that the girls got to wear. I can't claim credit for them though- a little girl at Ouma's school made them for the girls. So precious. {And, I love them even more because they were made by little hands- she is only a first grader}.


However, we all know it isn't the table or the bird and the fixings that make this day truly special. It is the people that you get to share it with. We are blessed to be able to share our holidays with both sides of our immediate families. No rush to split time or to drive to more than one celebration- all of us under one roof. It is refreshing and warm, and for that, we are thankful.

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